The Choice


Photo by Javier Allegue Barros on Unsplash

It was an ordinary, humdrum kind of day. The sun was shining, the air was heavy with humidity and nothing of great import was happening.

Then I heard it… an enchanting, hypnotic sound muted by the thick, summer air. It drifted along on an errant breeze and I followed it as though in a slow-motion dream.

Upon arrival I stood there just staring; eyes wide, mouth hanging open. The rainbow of color was mesmerizing; its variety awe-inspiring. The very air now vibrated with excitement and infinite possibility. My boredom instantly vaporized and the monotony of the day miraculously dissipated.

In its place was seductive temptation and on the heels of that, a siren’s call to action.

Looming in front of me was no small thing; this was serious business. The sheer array of choices was paralyzing. It felt like the most important decision of my life was now hanging in exquisite balance. This endeavor would necessitate the harnessing of all my accumulated wisdom.

My propensity for frivolous indulgence and acting in haste was almost my undoing; the urgent need to make a selection was overwhelming. Fortunately, I managed to reign in my eagerness by tapping willpower I hadn’t known I possessed. I mined it from the unexplored depths of my sometimes questionable character.

Self-control now firmly in hand, I delved into past memories seeking the one that would lend itself to the perfect choice.

Time seemed to stand still as I rummaged through my mind. It was a struggle of epic proportions. After what seemed like hours, but in reality, was likely only a minute or so, it became apparent that brain power alone would not suffice. Crawling through old memories in search of a resolution was futile.

After all the stress and strain, the wild twisting and turning of my intimate thoughts, I realized this decision was far too important to gamble on potentially faulty recollections.

I shifted my strategy and refocused my energy on an area that required more risk but also promised great rewards. The decision was going to be made based on instinct. I strengthened my resolve and wagered everything on the belief that I already had the answer inside me. It was there within me… a shining beacon of rightness.

To put it simply, I trusted my gut.

Armed with unshakable faith, looking upward, I boldly stepped forward; ready to declare my choice.

I took a deep breath and said clearly, “I’ll have the strawberry crunch bar please” as I handed 40 cents to the ice cream man.



Grace Getzen - Connection Creatrix

Writing is an intimate expression of who we are and what we care about.